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Free Instagram followers – easy!

It sounds too good to be true, but today, I’m going to talk you through a proven method to get free Instagram followers, like and comments to your Affiliate or ecommerce website. I’m also going to run through a cost effective paid option.

Free Instagram followers using Engagement Groups

You’re probably thinking, what’s an Instagram Engagement Group? They’re also known as ‘Pod’s’ and are essentially groups of Instagramers who get together to boost each other’s Instagram accounts.

These groups are all about giving and receiving, so it’s important that you’re liking and commenting on others’ posts as well as getting them to help with yours.

Each group has it’s own rules, whether that be what time of day users share their posts, or how many follows, likes and/or comments are needed to participate.

The majority of these groups are free to join, but since they’re not heavily promoted, they can be hard to find. You can try to find these groups on google, but my recommendation would be to contact other Instagram accounts that have similar engagement and ask if they are a member of these groups. If they are, ask if they can add you too.

Boost Instagram engagement using Telegram

Kick things off by heading over to Telegram and download their messenger application. This is going to be where you’ll find engagement groups and drive fellow Instagrammers to your Instagram account.

Once you’ve downloaded Telegram, you’ll need to join an engagement group. There are a lot of groups out there and you can easily find them on sites like Reddit, but I’ve listed a couple of them below to help you get started:

IG engaged –

Wolf GlobalĀ

After you’ve joined some of these groups, you’ll quickly get up to speed with how they work and how you can leverage them for your own Instagram account. Follow the rules and you’ll start seeing follows, likes and comments come through in no time.

Paid Instagram followers using Automation Tools

Head on over to and download the application. There are other players out there, but in my opinion FollowLiker have the most effective Instagram automation tool in the market.

This option will set you back around $60 USD to get started, but it’s totally worth it. If you can show potential customers that you have people already following your page and commenting on your posts, that will gain instant trust and trust equals sales. Before you know it, this little investment will have paid itself off.

Once you’ve downloaded FollowLiker, you’ll need to click ‘new’ and log into your Instagram account as seen below:

Follow Liker log in

Once you’ve logged in, double click on your account and select the exact preferences I’ve selected below for best results:

Follow Liker settings

These settings will go through different user profiles whilst shuffling between following and unfollowing those profiles. We’ll click on advanced options and move on to the next step:

Follow Liker

Now we’ll focus on what users to follow. We’re going to ignore private users and users with no profile pictures as they’re probably not very active.

Next, we’re going to enter our criteria for the pages we’re following. Jump back into Instagram and identify five of your key competitors who have active and regularly updated pages. Copy their username and jump back into FollowLiker.

Right click in the white box and click new. You’ll see the screen below:

Follow Liker settings

Now, select users who liked, paste the username into the text box and click save. Do the same thing again, but this time select users who commented. This way we’re only targeting active users.

You’ll want to repeat this step for 4-5 other accounts and then click next.

To avoid any red flags from Instagram, you’ll want to follow the below settings:

Follow Liker settings

Click next. On the following page, we’re going to specify our unfollow settings. It’s important we get these right, so that we’re encouraging the right behaviour from users. Follow the steps below:

Follow Liker settings

The final step is to set up the schedule of when you want FollowLiker to run. I’ve personally left it run 24/7 in the past, but feel free to adjust these settings:

Follow Liker settings

Press start and FollowLiker will do the rest for you.


Both of these options are great for building initial followers and engagement on your Instagram, but they should only be used for that.

Nothing beats real engagement on your Instagram page and if you keep going with these methods for too long, you risk raising eyebrows with Instagram admins and your account being suspended.

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